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Our staff will Prepare ready to eat Caribbean meals, juices and deserts for our food truck and delivery platforms.

 Enjoy a Taste Of The Caribbean With Island Food Cuisines.

Re-opening Soon. 

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  • What are the average wait times for the order?
    Generally we use to have a wait time up to 1 hour, but we have since reduce this time to about 15 minutes by hiring additional staff
  • Do you have any free tasting events?
    Our marketing & PR team is continually hosting free tasting monthly to give registered customers a chance to taste some of our cuisines.
  • How do you ensure quality and packaging of the package?
    Due to our commitment to quality customer care, we have hired a special quality control coordinator to work on each shift that is dedicated to ensuring all meals are prepared and checked before the customers gets the meals.
  • How many staff members are there in your team?
    Due to the growing demand we will be having up to twelve staff to work our weekday shift (Monday-Thursday)or our weekend shift (Friday-Sunday) * Delivers drivers/shift * Food servers/shift * quality control manager/shift * kitchen staff/shift * Marketing & Sales Reps
  • Do you have a loyalty program?
    Yes we do have a loyalty program. Our loyalty program allows customers to earn 1 point for every $1 spent, when your points reach to 1,000, we will give you a $100 gift card as a thank you for your support. Limited offer to the first 100 supporters.
  • What are your expansion plans?
    Our goal is to produce more than 250 meals per day consistantly over six months, then we will be adding a food truck to our business plan. We wish to become the #1 Island Food Spot with a unique approach to the Jamaican food market as we will offer three main island food products such as Cooking ready made Island Food for businesses and families. Making several types of Island natural juices for distribution Baking cakes, muffins and other island treats for distribution We will be hosting 2 job fair in November and December to hire and train over 75 part time and full time employees , starting November 21, 2020 during our tasting events. Our goal to establish a Caribbean production and distribution center is currently in effect and should our plans go as planned for 2020 our partners will be investing more than $300,000 per year in the NOVA area.
  • Do you have any partnership opportunities?
    No we don't anymore, we have decided not to bring on any investors or give away any ownership into this business. However we are donating a percentage of our net profits to some homeless selters and our Global community of supporters.
  • About the cost of our meals direct from the CEO
    Most people are not aware that in order to prepare Jamaican food. 99% of all Jamaican restaurants business fail in VA because lack of Jamaican food lovers. in order to stay in business we must sell more than 1,500 meals in an area where there are fewer Jamaican than New York, Florida or Maryland etc., So your support of $15 or $20 per meal do help us reach our goal and we appricate you very must for supporting our business. If you truly want to help you can register as a supporting members to get 25% off your meals. We hope this information was helpful to all who are concerned about our pricing.
  • Food Preperation
    Our chef and prep staff starts from 7 AM to 11 AM daily in preperation for food such as: - Curry chicken - Brown Stew Chicken - Jerk Chicken - Oxtail - Curry Goat Complete cook food are then put out by 12 Noon in commercial warmers. Some meals are prepared and cooked only when requested.
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